How We Do Business


Integrated Management Approach

Our customers want services that are both cost effective and sustainable over time. We make it our policy to use the most environmentally responsible equipment, processes and products in everything we do.  It’s important to our clients, our employees, and our planet.  Therefore, we able to offer our customers lower cost, excellent customer service, and sustainable green practices.



As part of our integrated holistic approach, we believe that maintaining a building’s systems and materials optimized and functioning as they were designed to function extends their useful life and is the most effective and economical way to keep a building environmentally healthy and resource efficient. We use three types of maintenance strategies, preventive, predictive and reliability centered maintenance. Such maintenance strategies prevent the need for premature replacement or repairs, thereby saving money and time, reducing waste of materials and energy, and reducing disruption to building occupants.

We want our clients to be able to focus on their mission and vision while we operate their facilities with maximum efficiency, safety and employee comfort and productivity in a green and sustainable manner. We incorporate green operations and maintenance in all of our projects, an operational strategy that includes our client’s vision and expectations as we develop the solutions to their project.


Our integrative management approach’s project process has four (4) key elements:

Project Plan

  • Review requirements with Customer & Project Team
  • Identify resources and technology
  • Identify Sustainable, Green initiatives
  • Develop metrics, Key Performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Refine Sustainable Quality Management Plan (SQM)
  • Refine environmental Health and Safety Plan (EH&S)
  • Customer endorsement


  • Project team training
  • Institute green procurement, purchasing policy and service contracts
  • Execute Plan
  • On-going team collaboration and communication
  • Reporting-Daily, weekly, monthly, annual


  • Review methods and processes “Best Practices”
  • Monitoring and recommissioning building systems
  • Review all reports:
    – Dashboard
    – KPI results
  • Customer feedback
  • SQM results


    • Develop Improvement Plan
    • Review recommendations with customer

SFMS Manual

Environment Health and Safety (EH&S)

Environment Health and Safety (EH&S) Program
SFMS has established administrative policies for the reduction and prevention of on-the-job accidents and illnesses, and the protection of the environment. Our comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety (EH & S) program meets or exceeds all safety codes. While our corporate leadership is the driving force of the EH & S program; employees participate in the program through safety committees at each project site and are therefore fully vested in the process. We understand that each site may require additional or site specific changes so we work with our clients to make all needed adjustments. The most important aspect of our program is that all employees receive orientation and training on our company’s Environmental Health and Safety Program, prior to starting work and the program results are constantly reviewed for effectiveness.

The purposes of SFMS’s environmental health and safety program are to:

      • Provide staff a safe and healthy work environment
      • Develop a safety awareness among employees and others engaged in work for our projects so that accidents (personal injuries and property damage) and occupational illnesses will be reduced to a minimum
      • Identify and control safety, public health, and environmental hazards associated with our operations and maintenance programs. The programs are designed around the work processes or tasks normally assigned to employees and integrates safety and health related decisions and precautions into them

Our training programs consists of Online Workplace Health and Safety Courses through PureSafety and Occupational and Safety Health Act (OSHA) toolbox talks. Our training programs include such topics as;

      • Accident Prevention
      • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
      • Hazardous Chemical & communication program
      • Tools and equipment safety
      • Safety behavior and attitude
      • Emergency Action Plans
      • Confined spaces
      • Electrical Safety
      • Lockout/Tagout
      • Respiratory Protection

We integrate safety and health controls into our work procedures after conducting job hazard analysis. We use OSHA record keeping for program tracking to continually monitor our safety procedures and loss prevention techniques to discover areas for improvement. In addition we have established safety and health Key Performance Indicators beyond the required record keeping forms, and work with our insurers to develop programs to lower our EMR ratings.


Sustainable Quality Management Programs

Sustainable Quality Management (SQM) Program
One of the most important elements of how we do business is our SQM program which has the steadfast commitment of the SFMS Leadership, which provides guidance and direction in implementing our sustainable quality management program. It is reflected throughout our sustainable operations and maintenance programs.

Our Key Performance Indicators system (KPI) provides standards, monitoring methods and auditing procedures to identify potential deficiencies, highlight trends in service delivery, and monitor work performance. We have designed our system around continuous quality control and improvement through open and frequent communications with our corporate staff, on-site staff, our customers, suppliers and subcontractors. Training is a key component of our program, as well as utilizing the latest technologies and adding employee recognition to reward excellence.

We use the same integrated project process framework for Quality Control of “plan, implement, assess, and adjust” which includes;

      • Employee involvement, empowerment and training
      • Customer focus – customer satisfaction
      • Team collaboration
      • Strong positive supportive organizational culture
      • Audit and analysis principles and techniques
      • Insistence on the same high quality standards from our business partners, suppliers and subcontractors.



We value:

Customer feedback so we ask our customers to evaluate our services through customer surveys.
Suggestion, recommendations and innovative ideas for continuous improvement so we continually seek suggestions, recommendations and innovative ideas from our customers, employees and all those who we do business with every day. The key to our program is to identify and solve operational performance issues before they become a problem.
Measuring our results so that we can identify and communicate our goals, motivate improved performance and celebrate our achievements.