SFMS Advantage

We deliver the Triple Bottom Line:

Lower Costs, Sustainable Green Practices; Excellent Customer Service through integrated holistic facilities management approach

  • Over 50 years of combined Leadership experience in strategic planning and Facilities Management
  • Personalized attention to your specific requirements
  • We use an integrated holistic approach to operate and maintain your facilities
  • Current with today’s Facilities Management changes and techniques
  • All Project Managers are trained in LEED principles and processes
  • We integrate Green Building and sustainability methodology in our operations maintenance at no additional cost
  • We continually look for innovative ways to improve your operations to reduce costs
  • Increased skills and responsibility because sustainability is part of our management practices
  • Increased communication, dialogue and education opportunities (one common goal) with all project staff, building management, building occupants, and other top level managers in SFMS and with people outside the organization
  • Increased external professional networking opportunities resulting in immediate access to “Best Practices” data and information
  • Making operation/upgrade decisions based on integrated, holistic building principles

SFMS_DartsOur Green Building and sustainability practices provide the following benefits:

  • Enhanced economic performance though Increased building efficiencies and lower operations and maintenance costs
  • Lower energy and water costs
  • Lower waste disposal costs and less waste going to landfills or incineration
  • Contributing to the positive health and satisfaction of building occupants and quality of the indoor spaces which supports the Increase in productivity of building occupants
  • Positive impacts on the local and global environment from reductions in resource use, from emissions (carbon overlay), water use and waste disposal.

Government BuildingExamples of our sustainable, green initiative programs;

      • Re/Retro commissioning/life cycle analysis
      • Retro fit systems for environmental and energy savings
      • HVAC/Indoor Air Quality Management Plan & goals
      • Building envelope O&M plan
      • Electrical System/lighting O&M Plan
      • Plumbing O&M plan
      • Green cleaning practices, equipment and supplies and products
      • Integrated Pest Management Plan (interior and exterior)
      • Recycling and Waste management plan and goals and actions
      • Energy efficiency and Water Conservation strategies
      • Integrated exterior and landscaping O&M plan
      • Robust Computerized Maintenance Management System